Founded in 2016, Babwe Barton is an Applied Sciences Organisation, based at Rothamsted Research in Harpenden, United Kingdom. 

Babwe Barton designs, develops an advanced electric generation, emissions recovery and data capture systems utilising the latest in rapid prototyping, computational modelling and primary chemical research performed by the company. 

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The ethos of Babwe Barton is built around taking known scientific and industrial practices and performing pioneering development to make highly engineered products that provide new products and systems with beneficial effects to the users and our community; To Benefit all by wonderful efficiency.

Founded on technology innovation developed by the founders, Babwe Barton, in collaboration with its academic and industrial partners, intends to revolutionise the availability and performance of green electricity for everyone.


Meet BB

Christopher Barton (CEO & Xi Inventor)
Originally from the Aerospace industry,  Chris’s career focused on international commercial negotiation and new product development in the aerospace sector. Chris moved from employment to focus on launching Babwe Barton. Chris studied Management and Business Law at Aston University, Birmingham UK and throughout his career, developed knowledge in electro-chemistry. Chris is driven by his passion to use technology & research from different fields to develop responsible energy generation that’s accessible to everyone.

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Christopher Barton, CEO and Inventor

Ladan Sadjadi (Integration Engineer)

Ladan joined Babwe Barton at the beginning of September in 2018 and has since been an integral part of the team. Ladan graduated from London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE) in 2014. Ladan’s background was in aerospace engineering and financial controlling in the UK and Denmark. Ladan’s drive for working at Babwe Barton stems from her desire to work on meaningful and socially beneficial projects and technology.


Ladan Sadjadi (Integration Engineer)

Zara Tunnicliffe (Technical Writer)

Zara began working for Babwe Barton at the beginning of June in 2018. Having been raised in South Africa, Zara attained her Honours degree from Stellenbosch University, specialising in Semiotics. Zara  relocated to the United Kingdom to take up the position of Technical Writer for Babwe Barton.


Zara Tunnicliffe (Technical Writer)

Dr. Nicolas Schulz (Lead Xi Fuel Development Engineer)

Born in Argentina, Eduardo Nicolas Schulz holds a degree and doctorate in
Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Nacional del Sur, in Bahia Blanca, Argentina. Dr Schulz has several scientific publications in the field of electro-chemistry and surface sciences along with a book chapter and scientific dissemination articles for the general public. During his PhD and post doctorate he was granted several fellowships; three from CONICET in Argentina, two from DAAD in Germany and two European Union Marie Curie FP7, one in Germany and another one in the United Kingdom. His career interests lie in applied electro-chemistry to sensors, renewable energy production and storage, computational modelling and scale-up.

Nicholas Schulz (Lead Xi Fuel Development Engineer)

Ollie Campbell (Control Systems Engineer)

Ollie’s 15 years of experience in networking,  IT systems, CAD and automotive design have given him the ability and skills to develop the control and telemetry systems for the products. Ollie also works on the teams rapid prototyping and testing site design. When he’s not mucking about sailing he stunt doubles for Henry Cavill. (To be verified by company HR!).

The Team

Throughout any start-up, one of the biggest mountains to climb is finding exceptional, talented and skilled individuals capable of making concepts a reality and managing product development through all the challenges. Babwe Barton is truly lucky to have the talented technical, design engineering and management skills in our team. Our products are a success because these guys are simply the best.