TYPHOON is Babwe Barton’s first product; a high efficiency Emission & Data Capture system.

Using advanced materials and aerodynamic modelling, TYPHOON is a blank canvas approach to industrial aerosol and vapour capture (Precipitation). Babwe Barton has taken the knowledge from several different technologies and processes and summarised them all into one modular design allowing low energy consumption, centrifugal and electrostatic assisted deposition.

TYPHOON allows the user to quantify and recover their emissions, reducing the requirement for endothermic treatments for mineral acids, and biological waste disposal.

TYPHOON’s modular design allows Babwe Barton to tailor the product to the customers needs. From removal of acids, particulates smaller than the width of human hair, to categorising and providing real time data on gaseous and aerosol emissions. TYPHOON is tailored and then packaged into an integrated systems for deployment to the customer.

Having undergone its first successful round of Technology Development Testing, TYPHOON aims to outperform current industrial options in performance, substantially lowering energy consumption and having substantially higher reliability and lifespan. Typhoon will also provide superior real-time data on emissions providing control of energy consumption and emissions output.

Progress to date