Barton Blakeley provides services and practical solutions, accelerating the progress of projects and innovative ideas. Our facilities and team specialise in fast fabrication, including rapid prototyping services and expertise in flow, chemical and electrical engineering to deliver emissions efficient performance to customers .

Barton Blakeley’s capabilities from people to research areas allow us to provide excellent cost effective insights into new materials, process lines, aerodynamics and thermodynamics, and specialist low volume manufacturing have provided assistance in innovation start up research and development, food and agricultural growing, essential healthcare support and can support all sectors in providing assistance either directly or via our wide network of expertise in fast solutions and innovative low emissions.

Services Available

Gas Chromatography Analysis Via TCD or FID. (Chromatec Crystal 9000 GC- GSV-TCD-Methanizer-FID)

Bespoke Engineering

Rapid prototyping, including design and manufacturing in multiple 3D Printing materials; plastics, resins, ceramics and metals. 3D Scanning services.

Computer Aided Design and Analysis / Computational Fluid Dynamics / Stress Analysis, Thermal.